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Surgical Database

The IUGA surgical database will help members collect pre, intra and post-operative data on their patients and print reports based on it.

The database is intended to achieve several purposes:

  • Provide a platform for IUGA members to gather information about the results of procedures they perform
  • Stimulate members to reflect on their own results and the opportunity to compare them with those of their colleagues both in their own country and around the world
  • Enable members to revise their practice if their results are not good
  • Strengthen the provision of female pelvic floor surgical procedures;
  • Gather information regarding the comparative effectiveness of different devices used in surgery;
  • Allow for international comparison of surgical practices;
  • Provide data that can help if your practice is called into question.

Please visit the database at to set-up your account or for more information.

Watch the video below, where Dr. Paul Moran introduces the IUGA Surgical Database.

IUGA Surgical Database from IUGA on Vimeo.

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